Identifying probable causes for breakdowns help take proactive actions to prevent them, thus saving valuable time in production. Better shop floor visibility not only speeds up the process but ensures you are on your schedule every time to deliver on time.

Collecting data across machines, tools, material and people the shop floor management system Binds every aspect of the operations to create valuable feedback loops which are need of the hour Keeping in mind the complexities in every manufacturing process.

Batch, continuous or discrete depending on your industry every manufacturing process have their own unique challenges irrespective of the industry, what matters is the concerns , challenges or the goals which need to be addressed . Once the objectives are set and broken own into goals and milestones it becomes easy to reach those numbers. Once quantified everything on the shop floor can be managed better and improvise as per the goals.

The data visibility enables effective monitoring, feedback and helps continual improvements to increase overall efficiency and productivity.

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