Preconfigured CMMS for

Automotive Component Manufacturers

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is Tough to Achieve,
not Impossible.

OPSCALE – FTM is specially designed CMMS module to help you maintain your assets perfectly. It helps achieve optimum OEE which most automotive components manufacturers wish to achieve. It enables to produce good quality parts, with maximum speed without any interruption. Hence be assured, that with our software, your team gets optimized production uptime. Thereby, assisting you to scale up with confidence. Moreover with an improved data visibility, it ensures Preventive Maintenance leading to improved asset life. So include OPSCALE – FTM in your scheme of things and experience the difference!

Plant maintenance for automotive industry, is imperative as automotive industries need to adept and align towards the growing demand of vehicles and customer expectations. Ensuring continuous production of parts and vehicles can be detrimental to remain competitive and deliver in time.

For automotive parts manufacturers, and automobile manufactures to remain competitive overall equipment effectiveness plays critical role.

OPSCALE CMMS is specially designed and pre-configured plant maintenance software for automotive component manufacturers which helps them, to achieve optimum OEE.

OPSCALE plant maintenance system enables the industry to operate their machines at peak levels. Reduces the risk of sudden equipment failure and save them from costly downtime allowing automotive companies to optimize their operations, increase their production uptime, track ,maintain and improve asset life and produce good quality of parts with maximum speed without interruption.

This plant maintenance for automotive industry system surely ensures the maintenance is simple!

CMMS for discrete manufacturing, comes with comprehensive & centralized 3 tier Asset Registry and ready to use reports, build and developed for automotive industry which tracks and monitor the KPIs more easily.

It helps Automotive OEMS, machine shops to fast-track Industry 4.0 initiatives more confidently and help them to move towards a Zero-breakdown regime.

OPSCALE CMMS (FTM) for automotive industry is successfully implement and utilised by automotive leaders from across segments, vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1, & 2 OEMS, parts manufacturer from tyre, glass, steering, engine and many more.



Increase sales within same setup

Optimize resources

Increase productivity and efficiency

industry customers

Used by tier 1 & tier 2
automotive OEM manufacturers
for 10+ years

Ideal for optimizing
productivity at machine
shop & shop floors

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