Reducing wastage & optimizing profits for

Plastic Industry

In plastic industry, raw materials and finished goods inventory can be a substantial cost for businesses. This industry, also have raw material in different variable (weight) and finish goods in units, hence closely tracking the wastage directly impacts the bottomline. Opscale ERP for the plastic and rubber industry is specially customized keeping in mind these critical requirements like inventory, wastages, pricing and others.

Here design variety and variants both being huge and constantly changing, accuracy at design stage is crucial and if not monitored, compounds to huge losses. OPSCALE ERP also helps in reducing the margin of errors at the design stage, thus saving substantial time and money. It also helps in accurate pricing which is also is challenging in this industry because of variable designs, material, batches, and QTY

BY automating the inventory management process in the plastic industry, Opscale ERP allows the plastic industry to track their inventory levels, reorder levels and lead times accurately so that they can stock the right materials to meet customer demand, minimizing stock outs and reducing  carrying costs.


Reduce demand supply gap

No stock outs

Leaner inventory

Minimize Design alterations

Better Price management