Maintenance Management System

Asset Management System

To Simplify Operations & Improve Data Visibility

OPSCALE – CMMS is the plant maintenance software by the name of FTM; which is a Practical, Simple & Easy-to-use tool for Maintenance Digitization! It is a made in India software which has the largest number of installations in India and abroad.

FTM (Fault Tree Maintenance) simplifies plant maintenance by enhanced visibility and transparency on the shop floor. Devised with key insights from the industry, OPSCALE plant maintenance software helps optimize plant assets and resources, enabling the plant to operate at its peak efficiency. It is a preconfigured system with Ready-To-Use reports to monitor KRA and KPIs. With its accurate plant data, it enables better decision-making for the top management.

Thus, OPSCALE CMMS helps enterprises to scale up their manufacturing as per the market demand.


The system has evolved, through the feedback of diverse maintenance users, over the last 20 to 25 years. Hence, it covers most of the practical scenarios that you may face today. FTM is a Pre-configured asset management system with 95% ready-to-use reports & MIS and can be implemented successfully within 3 to 4 months, with a well-oiled implementation plan.


Since FTM covers all practical aspects of maintenance operations, your maintenance operations, it helps in standardizing the system across the machine families so that you get the maximum benefit from all its features. It comes with a comprehensive three-level Asset Register & an in-depth yet simple Fault Tree, that enables a practical approach towards Reliability Centered Maintenance.



We ensure that your system is up and operational over the years. We are with you during this entire process with our OPSCALE approach to ensure scaling up your operations and helping you set up your maintenance strategy and roadmap for the coming years! This is coupled with periodic Utilization Reviews to stay on the path and remain there forever!


Production Uptime

Maintenance Cost

Knowledge Base


Ensures Resource

Enhances Asset life
and Machine Reliability

Helps Track
Critical Spares

Helps Improve


Operational Benefits For

  • Increase in overall plant efficiency & throughput.
  • Comprehensive & centralized Asset Registry.
  • Fast-track your Industry 4.0 initiatives more confidently.
  • Enabling smart factory.
  • Quantifying production loss due to maintenance.
  • Reduction in unplanned expenses especially spares & repairs.
  • Comprehensive digitization of the maintenance function.
  • Enhance machine reliability and production.
  • Better utilization of productive resources.
  • Monitor KPI’s more easily.
  • Helps in moving towards a zero-breakdown regime!!!
  • Comprehensive & centralized Asset Registry upto three levels.
  • The best tool to build a sound and sustainable Maintenance Strategy.
  • Digitization that’ll help in creating a centralized knowledge base.
  • Bring visibility in monitoring continuous improvement processes.
  • Smoother ISO/TS/Customer Audits.
  • A good tool to help in TPM and other world’s best practices.
  • Spares Management made more practical & realistic.
  • A practical tool to enhance the PM, PDM and Proactive Maintenance.
  • Brings transparency and smoothens the daily operations.
  • To-do-lists help in tracking the daily work more easily.
  • Quickly identifying the training needs.
  • Make your life simpler & more stress-free!
  • Timely maintenance by improving Response Times
  • Resource and Manpower Allocation made more realistic
  • Timely Information on all types of planned Scheduled maintenance
  • Helps Align your PM Schedules with Production more easily
  • Ensures tracking and planning of Critical and overall Spares
  • Easily record & keep a better track on your Repair activities
  • Become Proactive by using ready-to-use Analytical Reports, such as Pareto Analysis
  • Highly reduce the time spent for preparation of periodic Reports and Audits
  • Take Data centric decisions rather than decisions based on Gut feeling
  • Team can also use the FTM Mobile App to be more responsive in documentation
  • Saves time and effort in reporting any Job request either using a computer or FTM Mobile App
  • Brings transparency & improves know-how on Maintenance operations
  • Get Breakdown Status information on the fly
  • Faster and improved SLA with Maintenance

Achieve zero-interruption throughout the plant


Breakdown Maintenance
Move towards zero breakdown.

The right breakdown data will help in eliminating faults, by taking informed actions. This breakdown maintenance software module enables one to analyse each machine in line with its history of breakdowns. Ensure hassle-free production by keeping abreast of plant issues which will increase the
production uptime.


Ready to use reports for-

  • MTBF
  • Pareto analysis
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Spares consumption
  • MTTR
  • Breakdown
  • Manpower utilization
Preventive Maintenance
Prioritizing prevention before maintenance.
A comprehensive shop floor management software with a simplified and ready-to-use preventive maintenance software module that helps you develop and maintain a yearly week calendar to track the PM schedules and provide on-time PM compliance. You also have the option to use ABPM or task scheduler module for any smaller periodic scheduled tasks in this preventive maintenance scheduling module.
  • PM schedules
  • PM compliance
  • Pending PM
  • Spares planning
  • PM history
  • Breakdown history w.r.t.PM
TPM Module
Apply best practices to enhance effectiveness.
This Total Productive Maintenance module is devised to achieve zero interruption throughout the plant. It helps companies to ensure preventive maintenance proactively. It is achieved with comprehensive data visibility, thus maximizing its operational efficiency and machine reliability.
Aligned with shop floor TPM:
  • Why analysis
  • Machine failure ranking analysis
  • Action reports (6W2H)
Repair Management System
For Reparable & Recyclable

This is a simple, robust spare parts management module and repair management system helps to track the repair of repairable spares and their history through serial number control. It thereby gives more control over repairable and recyclable spares, such as Motors, Drives, Spindles, etc. Repairs history tracks the history of such expensive spares where you can justify their re-purchase and when to scrap them.

This Maintenance repair – Overhaul ( MRO) system helps to track and monitor the repairable spares more easily.

AMC Module
For handling contract management related to AMC’s

AMC – Track all AMC-related work easily !

This AMC management software module helps in documenting all annual maintenance contracts related to machines. You can enter the basic contract details such as which vendor, start & end dates of the contract, who is the contact person, etc. along with the number of planned and unplanned visits during the period.

Utilities Module
For maintaining utilities registers

This module helps to build your own utility registers like power consumption, water consumption, compressed air etc., the way it is being maintained in Excel. Hence, these registers would now be
saved in the FTM database rather than in discrete Excel files. These registers can then be exported in Excel and build your own MIS the way you did it before.

Breakdown Notifications On The Fly
Now avail recent job requests through the FTM tablet/mobile android app or through a kiosk or PC from the shop floor. Convenient, quick and hassle-free, it helps in the timely reporting of issues. In fact, it keeps the entire production team connected through the transparency and interdepartmental communication facility it provides.

Month on month breakdown requests that get generated vis-à-vis timely closure.

Other Important Modules

Along with the above, there are other very useful modules such as –

  • Condition monitoring using the ABPM or task scheduler module
  • Oil top-up on machines – Oils, lubrication consumption module
  • To-do-lists or daily work management modules to track various tasks
  • Contract Management Module (AMC) – track scheduled and unscheduled visits
  • Machine shifting module – tracking of Machine transfers
  • Machine reconditioning & re-modification or refurbishing module
  • Utility equipment monitoring module

Spares Management

Inventory management & control

In case you are maintaining your own department stores or sub-stores, the inbuilt inventory management module helps you to monitor and track the movement of spares throughout your maintenance operations. Plus, you can connect your ERP item master to OPSCALE-FTM through a simple interface.


  • Stock balance
  • Machine wise & spare part-wise actual consumption history
  • Stock valuation
  • Minimum level crossover


  • Consultation-Based Analytical Implementation
  • Faster to Deploy
  • Practical, Simple to Use
  • Pre-Configured System with Ready-to-Use Reports
  • Open API
  • Third Party Integration Compatibility
  • Export to Excel
  • Multilingual & Multi-Terminology Support
  • Facilitates Customizable Platform
  • Emails & SMS Notifications
  • Paperless Work with FTM Mobile App
  • Streamlines ISO/TS Audits

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Film Manufacturing

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Die Making

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We have been effectively using FTM for the past 5 years and have been able to bring about more control over our daily operations including documentation. We have now also migrated to the latest Bowser based version and 2 teams in our plant are using the system.

Yashawant Yadav
Manager – Utilities
Sandvik Asia Limited

Recently during migration from client-server to browser-based version we re-implemented the system as per the FTM team’s recommendations. We are now one of the best installations for maintenance software in the Asia Pacific region! We appreciate the efforts taken by their team and have been associated with them for the past 10 years.

Mohan Satpute
DGM Maintenance
SKF India Limited

We selected FTM against another vendor who had supplied in one of our sister concern companies by the name of Dana-Spicer. I myself have used SAP-PM, Maximo, and 2 other maintenance software but found FTM to be simpler and focused, plus it can be deployed in a very short time. Another notable observation was the domain expertise gained by their team which was very helpful to us.

Pramod Patil
Sr. Manager – Maintenance
Dana Incorporated

I am really happy with the way FTM Mobile App is working for our maintenance people. It is simple and easy to use, without too many options or information. One device is suitable for maintenance and production people’s needs. It has a faster interface considering that some information like the time and resources name (maintenance person) is automatically added which saves time and makes it easier to use compared to web application.

Lyubomir Tyumbelev
Facilities & TPM Deputy Manager
Karnare, Bulgaria

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