ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Operational Excellence, Simplified

Backed with 30 years of industry experience & expertise OPSCALE – ERP offers Simple, Scalable & Sustainable solutions for the small and medium manufacturing companies. Probably the best ERP for manufacturing in this segment with more than 500+ active installations, OPSCALE have helped many manufacturing companies to achieve Operational Excellence!

Specially designed ERP for small manufacturing companies, it optimizes the entire supply chain management system (SCM), by integrating and synchronizing all departments, machines, people, data and business processes.

OPSCALE ERP is designed to solve diverse industry specific concerns from different industry segments like, metal processing, tooling, engineering, electronics, plastics and more. This supports discrete manufacturing, batch manufacturing and continuous manufacturing alike.

From enhancing data visibility, increasing productivity, reducing the gap between demand and supply, to improving parts availability or reducing wastages it aligns to business specific goals. It is implemented keeping in mind the objectives to achieve and the KRA and KPI to monitor.

In a nutshell helps you increase the throughput of your enterprise!




Data Visibility


Are you ready to achieve Operational Excellence?


OPSCALE CRM for manufacturer is specially designed for B2B businesses, takes care of the pre-order stage of business, which helps to monitor the sales funnel in a very effective way. It covers opportunity, proposal, order stages and facilitates you to define your own funnel stages.
  • Easy integration of data and processes
  • Contributes in forecast preparation
  • Industry specific attributes, addresses specific concerns
  • Enabling resource planning at funnel end stage, shortens the delivery cycle
  • System based cost estimation based on BOM
Key Outputs
  • Demand forecasting
  • Opportunities analysis
  • Funnel visibility
  • Team contribution
  • Margin analysis
  • Inside-out approach
Sales Order Management
From enquiry management to fulfilment, sales order management module speeds up customer order processing by streamlining functions such as customer quotation, pricing, order processing, acknowledgement handling, dispatching and invoicing.
Key Outputs
  • Better demand management
  • Ensures rapid customer order processing and timely delivery.
  • Improves customer service, by providing real time, comprehensive customer order data and analysis
  • Cost sheet calculations linked to BOM

Establishing direct connect between you and your customer.

Integrating your customer with your sales systems helps to reduce communication delays, reduces dependency on people and thus enhances customer delight. Opscale offers a cloud-based webshop tightly integrated with Opscale-ERP modules.


  • On the fly data updating helps seamless integration.
  • Enable/Disable catalogue items at a click
  • Price list management
  • Product visibility of stock items and non-stock items
  • Customer can check stocks and raise PO
Key Outputs
  • Pending orders, dispatch notifications
  • Outstanding payments, credit limit utilization
  • Order tracking
Field Sales App
It helps integrate processes, ensure data visibility in every manufacturing and supply chain aspectincluding distribution. Be it, route planning or visit scheduling with B2B customers, influencers or others, these modules simplify diverse tasks, record the visit details in line with channel partner. Thus, they assist the sales executive to fulfil every task efficiently during the visit.
  • Monthly beat route planner
  • Visit requests & approvals
  • Visit scheduler and calendar manager
  • Target sales, collection and outstanding records
  • Standardized tasks for diverse channel partner visits
  • Travel & local conveyance budgets
  • Allowance claimer & imprest accounts facility
  • Allowance structure-based approvals
  • Attendance & leave updater
  • On-field sales team tracker
  • Target vs actual for visits, sales & collections
Material Planning
Ensuring availability when required. Designed for direct material planning based on production plan, customer forecast and Reorder levels. Guides when to raise purchase orders.
  • Reduction in shortages
  • Timely availability of materials
  • Control on inventory cost

OPSCALE procurement software module Supports the entire procurement order lifecycle from supplier’s quotation to product receiving and product inspection tightly integrated with accounts payable, to provide a seamless flow of information and effective management of the material and service acquisition process.

It helps you to improve the process of vendor evaluation, performance tracking, and quality inspection.

  • Purchase order management and processing
  • Vendor analysis (monitors in-process orders and vendor rejection)
  • Subcontractor management
  • Inquiry to suppliers/prospective suppliers
  • GIN status information
  • Material intending
Price Finalization
Helps to have strict control on prices, from the approved vendors, which helps to control whom to buy and at what price.
  • Comparison of supplier quotations to freeze the price and conditions
  • Price finalization with respect to quantity slabs
  • Rate history provides a better evaluation of vendor.
Vendor Management
OPSCALE vendor management system measures supplier performance based on delivery, quality, and other definable parameters is the objective of this module. OPSCALE auto-populates data required for delivery and quality, while the manual entry of providing points to other parameters is also possible.
  • One-time definition for marking and grading of suppliers
  • Facility to ignore certain suppliers and items for evaluation
    calculations (NPD and sundry services suppliers)
Key Outputs
  • Monthly quality and delivery performance
  • Supplier-wise grading based on marking matrix
Inventory Management
OPSCALE Inventory management software module helps with planning, tracking, and controlling the inventory. Integrated with many critical activities, OPSCALE inventory module provides the concise and accurate information to help the organization effectively run the production environment. It allows flexibility to complete process, track and audit the life and history of inventory material. It allows to maintain the status, location, and availability of all the items any organization needs to track.
  • Multi-location stock management
  • Warehouse (stock maintenance, transfers, returns, scraps, and reconciliation)
  • Physical stock adjustment with auto calculation of stock variance
  • Stores-wise physical stock adjustment with auto variance calculation
  • Material movement tracking
  • Reports (returns, non-moving items, age-wise stock analysis)
  • Location-wise physical stock verification reports
Not all processes can be done in-house, thus outsourcing process integrated tightly with the in-house production process is a must. Communication between production and stores is always a challenge. Opscale, with automated workflows helps in communication between departments and takes care of the compliance angle completely.
  • Automatic generation of outsourcing requisition based on process flow
  • Scrap generation at the vendor end
  • Single piece and assembly outsourcing addressed differently
  • Outsourcing for surface coating made easier
Key Outputs
  • ITC 04 compliance
  • Stock lying at vendors
Dispatch Management

Knowing what and when to dispatch is an important parameter that contributes in delivery performance.

Opscale Dispatch management system helps you set this process independent of human resources. Covers domestic, exports and customer return. Generates dispatch instructions automatically based on commitment given to customers, helps in box, palette packaging with labels having bar-codes and QR codes. Ensures what gets packed gets invoiced. Generation of E-way/E-invoice on a single click, scanning at gate to ensure right material is picked-up for delivery.

  • Tightly integrated process from DI to gate outward
  • Packing lists prepared based on scanning of product QR/Bar code
  • Auto dispatch notification to buyer
  • Supports in export documentation
  • Auto invoice preparation based on packaging list
  • On-going packaging throughout the month for large consignments
Key Outputs
  • Daily monitoring of pending dispatches
  • DI pending for packaging lists
  • Packaging lists pending for invoices
  • Invoices pending for gate outward
Production Planning
Knowing what, when and how much to produce is the key factor which controls the throughput of any organization. Opscale helps in planning your production based on customer orders, re-order levels, customer schedules and rejections from operations.
  • Helps in section-wise production planning
  • Auto-generated work orders based on lead times
  • Helps to synchronize multiple departments
  • Demand based planning
  • Helps to identify bottlenecks well in advance
  • Helps identify machine loads and in outsourcing decisions

Design/Engineering and process engineering are the areas that this module addresses. With a very apt access control and approval matrix, helps to create Items, Bills of Materials (BOM, process sheets, drawing/document attachments, specifications, and so on.)

  • Definable Item code generation logic
  • Multi-level BOM
  • Multi-level BOM approval
  • Bill of Material import facility
  • Definable document types (drawing, specification sheet, assembly instructions)
  • BOM revision history
  • Vendor allocation to process for outsourcing
Production Management
What to be produced first? What to do and when to complete, when to start and what to do today is a major decision. If not taken properly, it hampers the cash flows. OPSCALE Production scheduling software module, helps to decide what to do next, by keeping eye on what needs to be delivered first or which items need to be addressed first, so there is no stock-out.
  • Synchronization between multiple production sections
  • What to be produced first
  • Shortage indication
  • Reducing the idle time between processes by guiding ‘what next’
  • Tightly integrated with outsourcing
Key Outputs
  • Production scheduling and sequence
  • Work orders pending for issue
  • Work orders in process
  • Work orders pending completion
  • Machine wise load
Shop Floor Management
Giving visibility and providing an easy interface for capturing correct data, is a key factor for the success of any system. Shop-floor requires maximum visibility and various ways of capturing data. OPSCALE shop floor management system understands this and helps in showing the mirror which enables increased productivity.
  • Customized screen design for product and process-specific data capturing
  • Easy integration with IoT solutions
  • Integrated with Opscale-FTM
  • Drawings availability at shop floor
Key Outputs
  • Current load
  • OEE
  • Lost time analysis
  • Machine utilization
  • Rejection analysis
Quality Management System

Opscale QMS covers inward, outsourcing inward, and production inspection. You can define test parameters, test standards, and testing methods against every item, and you can enter inspection data against every sample being inspected.

  • Capturing of inspection data at any desired stage
  • Hold, acceptance against deviation
  • Gauge calibration
Key Outputs
  • Pending for inspection
  • Lot traceability
  • Product serial no. traceability
Project Based Planning

OPSCALE project management software for manufacturing helps you to manage and control project requirements by comparing materials needed against available inventory. The MRP system allows to generate material plans regularly without interrupting user’s access to system. With varying order policy, planning criteria and inventory availability one can develop material plans appropriate for the organization.

  • Auto indent generation based on BOM
  • Auto generated work order
Key Outputs
  • Multiple series of indents for production and purchase
  • Auto calculation of net quantity based on available stock
  • Generation of indents of next level based on BOM
  • Calculation of indented amount based on last PO rate
  • Complete online approval module
Project Management
A project can be referred to as an internal project such as new product development and a make-to-order kind of business. The project also becomes a cost center for tracking costs incurred. Project management allows you to create project-BOM, document release schedule, MOM, stages, and activities gannt chart and so on.
  • Project planning and execution
  • The project linked with sales order
  • Project budget definition and control
Key Outputs
  • Gannt chart for project status
  • Manpower load tracking and status
  • Project cost
General Ledger Accounting
A comprehensive financial management module designed to support entire organization. It allows each business or plant to have a unique chart of accounts separately for respective accounting periods. GL is tightly integrated with entire system for the complete financial management of the company.
  • General ledgers
  • Financial statements
  • Budgeting
Key Outputs
  • Profit & loss, balance sheet
  • Projected cash flow
  • Cash flow
  • Fund flow
  • Ratio analysis
  • Budget variance
  • Cost center analysis
  • Cost center vs expenses and expenses vs cost center
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable module enables complete control over credit verification and customer account management process. It is also tightly integrated with General Ledger and sales order processing to manage customer invoices, customer statements, and collections.
  • Allocation of payments received from the party to pending invoices.
  • Interest calculation on overdue bills and delayed payments.
  • Credit notes to customers.
  • Track receivables and journal entries.
  • Bill to bill, outstanding payment analysis.
  • Sales register, summary and balance confirmations.
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable module helps to plan and control cash disbursements, prepare supplier payment vouchers, and perform account reconciliation. Tightly integrated with the purchasing and general ledger system, it supports full accounts payable.
  • Purchase summary and analysis.
  • Preparation of supplier payment vouchers.
  • Payment registers and forecasts.
  • Bill to Bill analysis, date-wise, and age-wise.
  • Purchase returns, credit and debit notes.
Tax and Compliance
Covers calculations and statutory reporting of all taxes and duties levied by the Government from time to time including E-invoice/E-way bill, GST, TDS, and others as per industry and process.


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