Setting the pulse right for

Electrical Industry

Electrical and electronic industry faces many challenges when it comes to manufacturing whether it is shrinking operating margins due to innovation and global competition, procurement and complex supply chain or the service and warranty management which also is critical and industry specific.

At the same time the booming digital technology, IOT and new innovations demands better and innovative electrical parts and electronic components. OPSCALE ERP has scaled many industries in electrical parts manufacturing and at the same time solve critical challenges.

This industry requires more traceability and quality control measures because of higher compliances hence OPSCALE ERP offers better data visibility, across the supply chain

Complex Design, Quality, Sourcing, Assembly and leaner margins with uncertain demand characterizes this industry, hence OPSCALE ERP is customized to give these industry specific reports which can help Electrical industry to streamline the process and optimize the resources giving better throughput smartly


Smarter Sourcing

Complete Traceability

Better Service and Warranty management

Wider and faster Distribution

Increase in throughput