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OPSCALE –sales and distribution management software for manufacturer provides real-time data to companies.

This comprehensive distributor order management system helps integrate processes, ensure data visibility in every manufacturing and supply chain aspect including distribution. Be it, route planning or visit scheduling with B2B customers, influencers or others, these modules simplify diverse tasks, record the visit details in line with channel partner or customers dealers Thus, they assist the sales executive to fulfil every task efficiently during the visit.

This sales and distribution ERP module brings more visibility across the supply chain, be it stock visibility others thus empowering sales team to perform more efficiently, and consistency in visits make them more productive and result oriented.

Combining the goodness of Sales Force Automation (SFA), Distribution Management System (DMS) and Van Sales Automation. This sales and distribution ERP module makes data available to management levels, field staff, and across supply chain which enable better decision making resulting in more sales and profitability.


Sales & Profitability

Enables Easier
Market Penetration

Enhances Data Visibility
& Monitoring

Ensures Productivity &
Better Decision Making

Increase the productivity of your sales team


Sales Order and Stock Management

OPSCALE Sales Force Automation (SFA) module helps to replenish the stock levels both at retail outlets and at distributor / channel partner. It connects with your primary ERP like SAP to complete demand and supply cycle. The stock management module maintains stock levels based on historical sales figures, new placement targets and lead times. Secondary order suggestion (minimum, and optimum) based on outlet trend, monthly consumption or targets increases share of shelf and offtake. This SFA gives Real-time analysis of secondary stock & secondary sales betters responsiveness for orders.

  • Intelligent logic for demand generation.
  • Placement recommendations based on market intelligence.
  • Auto ordering of goods based on stock level.
  • Exception order for seasonal/high demand/expected shortages/spikes.
  • Approval and demand note to manufacturing location.
  • SAP compatible file for order and invoice import facility.
  • Open API for primary invoice upload.
  • Keep consistency in order and supply cycle at the primary level.
  • Improves service consistency because of better responsiveness.
  • Improves profitability by reducing order to cash cycle.
  • Ensure stock availability by On-Time & In-Full Delivery (OTIF).
  • Improves secondary level lead time and timely supply.
  • Avoids out of stock, shortage of goods, avoid loss of sales.
  • Ensures low return levels.
  • OTIF reports and freshness – expiry reports.
  • Pending order of approvals and dispatch.
  • Tracking of order after dispatch.
  • Stock position availability at dealer location.
  • Order fulfilment status updates on mobile app to keep track on order supply.

Ideal for ready stock sales, perishable goods and goods with minimum differentiation and lesser SKUs OPSCALE Van Sales Automation enables you to plan, automate and manage van inventory, sales order and delivery, invoicing and payment collection to end of the day reconciliation in real-time. OPSCALE van sales management module has intelligent van loading ensures you sell more with faster fulfilment and no stock outs and a better real time visibility across the fleet ensures efficient route-planning and more productivity.

  • Ready shop list to visit
  • Invoices and prints
  • Outstanding data
  • Cash and settlement reports
  • Sales return
  • Sales performance reports (person, shop, routes wise, SKU, scheme)
  • Van stock reconciliation reports
  • Interface with ERP through API and file interchange
  • Works even in offline mode.
  • Analytics for order suggestions based historical data, fast moving items to increase sales.
  • Real time invoicing with all applicable schemes from tablet/smartphone.
  • GPS and time tracking feature.
  • Interface with ERP through API and file interchange.
  • Bluetooth printer enabled on-field invoice generator.
  • Better van inventory management with van loading and unloading with stock. reconciliation
  • Online call centre support integration for daily order booking
  • Auto synch of data
  • Stock transfer management and Proof of delivery
  • Can mix and match with sales against order
  • Payment modes (cash, credit, cheque, UPI)
  • Collection of outstanding
  • Daily Order collection on phone
  • Route optimization with effective journey planning for more coverage.
  • Analytics for better field productivity.
  • Analytics for order suggestions based historical data, fast moving items, to increase sales.
  • Smarter van loading based on analytics enabling more sales.
  • Faster stock fulfilment, zero stock-outs and mismatch inventory.
  • Real time inventory and stock management from van loading to end of day reconciliation.
  • Simplified ordering, invoicing, delivery and payment collection.

This Distribution Management system focuses on time saving for invoice generations, items inwards. OPSCALE DMS software maintains party account tracking, sales and receivables. Other than register and summary reports for stock and sales it helps in GST working, auto stock replenishments and claim management.

  • Automation in inward (ready company invoice data for inward)
  • Online order display and auto invoice generation
  • Loading, delivery and collection processes
  • Better dealer management system, hence better control
  • Automatic order generation based on stock levels and sales
    AOG deviation orders for exceptional sales
  • Loss of sales alerts
  • Better Dispatch management system
  • Claim reports
  • Stock and sales reports
  • Category wise sales trend
  • Route wise sales trend
  • Outlets with growth and de-growth trends to enable correction
  • Credit analysis
  • Purchase and sales comparison
  • New outlet alerts
  • GST reports and data files for GST returns

This Expense Management System for Sales team promises significant saving in time by simplifying claim approvals and disbursements for the sales team so that they spend more time to increase their performance. A robust attendance, leave, expense and claim management with excellent integration with performance gives a real picture on productivity and costs.

  • Payment and refund with Excel file support
  • Daily claim based on journey location (local, outstation, ex-HQ)
  • Photo proofs of supporting documents
  • Interface with accounting system
  • Journey plans and approvals (two-way)
  • Bulk audit and approval by accounts department
  • Statement for sales force
  • Daily attendance recording (day start and day end)
  • Approval for over limit claims (exception to the structure)
  • Attendance and leave reports
  • Sales cost reports
  • Comparative reports on operational and business parameters (cost against productivity,
    coverage, business and teams)


Retail Performance Management System
  • Better Merchandising management.
  • More ROI from the existing market.
  • Maximizing shelf availability and increase share of shelf.
  • Optimizing order value per outlet.
  • Minimize order to cash cycle for better profitability.
  • Service level improvements with efficient feedback mechanism and consistency in visit.
  • Helps maintaining or improve current existing order levels.
  • Adding different product categories, packing sizes and packaging variants.
  • Improvise outlet wise and SKU wise targets.
  • Share of shelf tracking and try to expand the share by offering higher schemes for large quantities.

Retailer performance, outlet productivity and profitability depend on service consistency, order fulfilment, support and customer satisfaction. At consumer level the display, merchandising impacts the offtake. Reactivating and optimizing existing outlets based on potential will increase the share of shelf. By minimizing the gaps and by making the team more efficient would increase the coverage.

  • Photos of display and merchandise.
  • Sharing of product catalogues and education material to retails.
  • Photos to support share of shelf and competition info.
  • Order quantity suggestion.
  • Alert on sudden drop of sales.
  • Offtake based, target-based sales push.
  • Manager visits, tasks and actions based on outlets.
  • Focus product sales turnover report
  • Retail performance audit
  • Market feedback consumers and competition
  • Target vs actual per sales person
  • Target vs actual per outlet/salesperson
  • Share of shelf and competition tracking reports
  • Display and merchandise placements
  • Share product usage/application videos
Price & Scheme Management System

The major strategy in FMCG business is right pricing, responsive changes in prices based on business environment, ensure that scheme reaches to the right beneficiaries and avoid leakages in schemes, transparency to the outlet by generating billing info at the time visit only. OPSCALE Retail Scheme Management System automates the whole process to amplify the results.

  • Better price point management across territory.
  • Incremental growth due to effective overall retail scheme management.
  • Transparent and timely settlement of claims.
  • More retail coverage.
  • Incremental growth from promotions and sampling.
  • Better management of trade promotional Offers ( TPO).
  • Increases cumulative sales and sales per transaction.
  • Comprehensive scheme/offer functionality.
  • Customized scheme designs based on market data.
  • Better throughput of scheme.
  • Better retailer experience.
  • Avoid scheme leakages.
  • Push more sales in short period.
  • Stock clearance.
  • Introduce new product category.
  • Cost-Benefit analysis throughout the scheme period
  • Cumulative reports for periodic schemes
  • Claim management report for debit, credit notes
  • Claim reports based on stock for price change
  • Ready claim info on mobile app for order-based schemes

Multiple price points to cater various types of markets (channels, competition and area)

  • Pricing calculator
  • Excel support for price list upload
  • Bulk price update module (+/- of rate in amount unit or perc)
  • Immediate application of new prices on order booking module
  • Reference for previous price lists at the time of return and replacement orders
Transaction scheme features
  • Applicability period
  • Can define on assorted product SKUs
  • Multiple choices of free products (for FOC schemes)
  • Discount slabs for FOC and net discounts
  • Slabs of Pcs or volume unit (kg, ltrs.)
  • Fix basis or variable based on quantity
  • Net discount types (per unit, net discount percentage)
Selection of market (Price points, distributors, business categories, business class, retailer groups)
  • Transaction value (lump-sum discount or discount percentage)
  • Execution methods (FOC item zero rate sales/discount in paid items)
  • Multiple schemes can be applied on same item (FOC, discounts)
  • After order booking preview of invoice by applying all applicable scheme for giving transparency to outlet even if in offline mode
Periodic Schemes
  • (FOC, travel, gift or in any combination
  • Live cumulative updates for each retailer for progress tracking
  • Target setting and cumulative sales for easy follow up by team with market
  • Claim approval and disbursement processes (transparent, speedy and accurate)
WhatsApp broadcast facility to broadcast of scheme to retail outlets
Merchant On boarding Solutions
  • Faster market penetration and expansion.
  • Speedier on-boarding of outlets.
  • Activate new outlets based on product placement and offtake.
  • Selection of right outlets for product placements for high offtake levels.
  • Offer special scheme for new outlets.
  • Product based focus drive for the seasonal/target period.
  • Increase no. of outlets per category/SKU

OPSCALE enables you to not only scale up in existing territory but scale out your operations by adding new areas, outlets along with new categories and new SKUs, thus, increasing market size as well.

The merchant onboarding solutions from OPSCALE, enables mapping of all outlets as per locations and profiling by outlet type and sales potential, gives a better probability to optimize market potential. Increasing the width and depth of market scales you in sustainable way.

  • BI-based dashboards on sales regions and areas, channels, outlet categories, outlet classes, product categories, pack sizes, packing varieties, teams, on-time scale (day, week and month)
  • Category wise shop count target (class improvement)
  • New outlet target vs actual
  • App giving running cumulative totals of the team for active push
  • Special scheme for new outlet activation
Sales Team Performance
Market intelligence and visibility across the supply chain, empowers the team to perform more efficiently. Availability of operational data, and business data with regular and exception alerts makes sales operations easy to manage and in turn become more effective.
Benefits for frontline order collection
  • Faster new customer activation.
  • Greater control over sales team performance.
  • Route planning and beat optimization.
  • Consistent store visits hence service consistency.
  • Easier scale out – new market, outlet, store expansion in lesser time.
  • Scale up – more results performance in existing market and outlets.
  • Sales force productivity.
  • Incremental sales based on recommendations.
  • Smart ordering.
  • Recommendation based smart order taking.
  • Time mapping and more productive calls.
  • Sales and supply data per outlet basis to keep the sales consistency and growth.
  • Day summary through WhatsApp alerts after day end.
  • Sales and collection dashboards.
  • Daily and monthly level team dashboard on manager mobile app.
  • Coverage, productivity, no order reasoning, new store addition reports.
  • Per day business data (product summary, retailer wise orders and supply status).
  • Merchandise and display photos.
Increase visit effectiveness
(For sales executive / managers)
  • Increase in Sales visit effectiveness.
  • Visit effectiveness with predefined template based on the party category (dealers, influencers,
    retail outlets, consumers, service providers, consultants).
  • Visit dashboards of team, visit register in Excel, visit targets vs actuals at primary and secondary levels.
  • Appointments calendar, daily work schedule.
  • Sales territory mapping.
Analytics for sales team
  • Progress tracker for sales team and managers.
  • Ready support of sales, stock, visit history which supports order booking.
  • Market surveys for product availability, feedbacks, market opportunities.
  • Data for building intelligence around answers/feedback/tasks/figures.
  • Analytics for order suggestions based historical data, fast moving items, targets to increase sales and cross selling opportunities.
  • Sales Team Performance.
  • Sales force productivity.
  • Sales visit effectiveness.
Coordination and reporting
  • Team tracking, work assignments and progress tracker.
  • Team communication through broadcast messaging.
Route optimization
  • Beat route planning.
  • Work starts and end alerts to managers on WhatsApp.
  • Day start and day times and timings with selfie display.
  • Outlet sorting based on foot route (optimized work).
  • Outlet location-based navigation, calling facility.
  • Team movement tracking and assignment.
  • Regrouping of route outlets for optimum daily work.
Target and Incentives
  • Monthly progress sales, target and outlet.
  • Live update on target fulfilment levels of the team.
Sales order
  • Intelligent ordering at primary level and secondary level.
  • Mandatory visits to all PJP outlets.
  • Application of pricing and all applicable offers on mobile app itself.
  • Call and take order for missed outlets on previous days, where orders were not received.

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Our association with OPSCALE (Earlier Werardt Systems) dates back to over 15 years, leverage their system to for our Depot Supply Chain mainly operation for a period of 8 years till we went live on SAP. Currently we are using their Dealer Management System for getting visibility on secondary market and equipped our sales force to use their Mobile Application both to bring in seamless collaboration among dealers, Field Force team and Head Office.

L R Chandak
Chief Technology Offer
Garware Technical Fibres

Werardt is our technology wing since the year 1993. We feel they are part of us. It was a time when computers were making inroads in businesses. We were one of the firsts in jewellery business to use computers for business needs. Now all our 11 branches are using platform provided by Werardt for our retail management. From manufacturing to point of sales, everything is interconnected. System covers all functionalities, controls and most importantly security angle which is the most important. All our internal processes are automated. Stock availability in form of variety and sizes and customer order management are major crux in jewellery business and Werardt is part our team to be at this position this year after year and has kept us on first position throughout in terms of customer satisfaction.

Siddharth Gadgil
Managing partner
M/s P N Gadgil
Retail Jewellery

Seldom does any organisation like ours come across an IT vendor partner who has a fantastic balance of operational knowledge and strategic thinking that exactly fits as a solution to the challenges we have. We are in a scheme driven industry. Scheme management was extremely tedious and slow activity for our sales team and distribution partners. OPSCALE Sales and Distribution software brought in a sea change. It enabled us to streamline schemes along with claim management activity to couple of days from months. Also, we are able to see the scheme performance on real time basis. It made things transparent and auditable spend. It is flexible to evolve as per the evolving taxation and evolving scheme in terms of system requirements. Due to punctuality in claims rewards, our distributors are quite happy. Also, it has enabled standardized sales data and more time for our sales team to focus on core sales promotion. Since then, it has been five years and we feel very happy and satisfied with Werardt, also look for a very long and rewarding relationship.

Harvinder Walia
National Sales Head
Legrand India

We were seeking to replace our software for sales force automation and dealer management system. We had a mere session with the OPSCALE team and we replaced it. The results were simply excellent, it helped us in our key issues of rate variation and competition management.

It is been over five years, OPSCALE Sales & Distribution software has enabled us to scale up our business successfully. Our best wishes are with them as they operate under OPSCALE, a new identity.

Mayank Parakh
Parakh Group of Companies
(Manufacturers of Samrat Aata & Vilina Oil)

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