Achieving better KPIs

Facing a problem to monitor people, manage finance and manufacture superior quality goods that meet deadlines and customer expectations?
OPSCALE ERP helps you manage every manufacturing aspect and thereby achieve better KPIs.

Dispatching the products on-time

Finding it difficult to monitor generating the invoice or delivery dates to dispatch the products on time?
OPSCALE ERP helps you automate invoices and also maintain a centralized data of dispatch dates for on-time delivery.

Attaining leaner inventory

Looking to make a leaner inventory for just-in-time production to reduce cost and speed up the supply chain?
OPSCALE ERP assists you to minimize inventory, use JIT production to reduce cost and surplus inventory.

Operating plant at peak efficiency

Unable to manage the maintenance of machines, frustrated by frequent breakdowns of machines?
OPSCALE FTM help you bring clarity in the maintenance functions to ensure a faster and smarter decision-making at all levels.

Optimizing the shop floor

Struggling to achieve operational excellence on the shop floor? Unable to monitor diverse data and shop floor issues?
OPSCALE FTM ensures greater visibility of operations to help you fast-track various concepts like Gemba Kaizen.

Monitoring spares

Having difficulty monitoring the movement of spares in your maintenance operations?
OPSCALE FTM makes it easy to monitor and track the movement of spares at your engineering stores to manage inventory and stocks.

Better coordination with sales team

Worried about coordinating with your sales team? Not being able to plan their route or schedule visits?

OPSCALE S&D simplifies it all. From route planning or visit scheduling with B2B customers, influencers or others, it helps you keep in touch.

Activating more outlets

Finding it hard to activate more outlets or to boost products which are weak?

OPSCALE S&D helps you map outlets to identify most profitable ones. It assists you to open new outlets thereby
earn more profits.

Converting leads, closing the deals.

Not being able to track a lead’s journey? Or converting it into customer and closing the deal?

OPSCALE S&D can help the sales team to track the right customer at the right time. So that it can turn your prospective lead into a guaranteed buyer.