An army if quipped with proper ammunition, a strategy and a sound leader would never loose. The same is with your sales team. To win the battles in this highly competitive market, one needs to be well informed about the competitors move and overall ground market situation. The real time information the leader or manager gets enables him to align his team accordingly.

IN modern retail scenarios, when you whole sales team is spread across markets in different geographic territories what is important to control and lead the team efficiently.

SFA is one such tool, which empowers mangers to take control of the whole team, their activities, and efforts so that they could direct them as needed.

SFA App helps manager to create market visit plans for team based on frequency and targets, helps in tracking the front-end sales-person activities on field based on GPS, support them with valuable information at secondary level, store performance, historic orders, SKU wise pickups and more with help of which the sale people achieve more.  

Analytical data of business, coverage, productivity on daily/Monthly basis makes manager strategize Their plans. Tracking target fulfilment for each member of the team and each outlet area wise, SKU wise help him motivate and set targets for the team.

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