In FMCG or Processed food business if you want to be faster than your competitor

You need to be more agile, agile in taking decisions and that too informed ones. For faster decisions you need real time data which would enable you to move a step ahead.

Right from the shelves to the warehouse and in between the supply chain the whole data is extremely important and directly impacts the profitability.

The top management needs the bird eye view of the whole market, the regional manager might need to know which regions, which outlets are performing and deeper down to SKU level performances are needed , so that marketing tac tics and strategy can be aligned accordingly.

Fulfilment and reorder levels need to be closely monitored and this data not only ensures that stocks are maintained at optimum level, but delivered on time 

Thus data sharing across the hierarchy makes it simpler for such companies to penetrate and scale up faster in market.

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